Personalising Your Funeral

A final farewell they would have loved

Arranging the final send off and getting the balance between your loved one’s wishes and your own needs, is by no means an easy task. And with many funeral options available, it can be even more difficult to decide how best to say that final good-bye. We understand different needs and take great pride in being able to support bereaved in accommodating their personal choices.

Funeral services have changed over decades, with some families now moving away from traditional options, but rather focusing on celebrating their loved one’s life and remembering them for their individuality. At the same time, we understand the importance of traditions which exist within the diverse communities of Leicestershire.

Planning a unique service, whether it is underpinned by traditions or not, can help families to capture the essence of their loved one and their personality.


Creating a theme in the chapel

If you are looking to personalise your loved one’s final farewell or even celebrate their life, we can help.

Our warm and welcoming chapel is an ideal blank canvas for making it uniquely personal to you and your loved one. It can be dressed to reflect your loved one’s favourite colour, sports team, hobby or something else they loved. 

There are many ways in which we can make your loved one’s service uniquely personal, which include:

  • Decorating our chapel to reflect a loved one’s favourite colour, sports team, hobby or something else they loved
  • The choice of music, including popular anthems for sport enthusiasts
  • Photography or words on our digital screens
  • Bringing a family pet along
  • Releasing doves
  • Accommodating other vehicles requested by families instead of a traditional hearse


Our Sikh and Hindu communities

Our Pooja hall provides a dedicated space which enables the bereaved of Sikh and Hindu backgrounds to worship and observe specific traditions during their loved one’s farewell.

There are purpose-built wash facilities available by the entrance to Pooja hall. Offerings can be placed by a Shiva shrine which is located in the vicinity of Pooja hall.  

We are also proud to have a viewing gallery for witness cremations, to support our Sikh and Hindu communities even further, when observing their important traditions.


Our streaming, music and visual tribute technology

Our digital technology for live streaming of the service, music and visual tributes is available in the main chapel as well as Pooja hall to provide full digital experience across both locations.

In partnership with our media partner, Obitus, we can provide an almost unlimited choice of music. Whether it is a loved one's favourite song, sports club anthem or a traditional hymn, there will be no barriers in personalising the play list. 

Our high resolution screens give the opportunity to personalise the services even further. A team of experts at Obitus is always on hand to prepare a tribute slideshow for the service, whether that is a selection of photographs only or in combination with written words. 

We are here to help and discuss your needs to assist with transforming the chapel and/or Pooja hall to a uniquely personal space for your loved one’s final farewell.


Got preference for a traditional, perhaps religious, service?

Whilst many people are looking for secular and more personal ways of remembering their loved one, we understand that this is not for everyone. It is our desire to create a final farewell that suits your unique needs and if a religious or a traditional service is your preference, you will be in safe hands with us.

Our chapel can host religious and non-religious services and we also have a dedicated Pooja hall for Sikh and Hindu funerals.

Our digital music system offers an almost infinite music collection, including traditional hymns and modern music.

Religious services often include a selection of psalms and prayers whilst non-religious services tend to select personal readings.