New Crematorium Donates to Specialist Bereavement Charity

New Crematorium Donates to Specialist Bereavement Charity

by Great Glen Crematorium

New Crematorium Donates to Specialist Bereavement Charity

Great Glen Crematorium, opened in March 2017, has celebrated its first anniversary by making a donation to local bereavement charity ‘The Laura Centre’.

Crematorium Manager, Harvey Watson explains that the donation of £3,779.00 has been raised from a scheme which recycles metals following Cremation.

Harvey says; ‘we have been incredibly privileged in the last year to develop this very special and beautiful place for the bereaved and to care for families and their loved ones from across Leicestershire’.

It’s wonderful that families choose to donate metals to the scheme to enable us to help ‘The Laura Centre’ at a time when they are suffering grief and loss.

Our Crematorium staff are all experienced bereavement professionals and know that the centre provides sanctuary and ongoing support to children and those who have lost a precious child.

Gail Moore from The Laura Centre commented, “We are so grateful and thankful to the families and everyone at the crematorium for supporting The Laura Centre in this incredible way. I am sure that if more people were aware that they could help in such a positive way after their death they may consider doing so.

The gift given to TLC from the individual, and families who have lost loved ones, is extremely poignant and it will help us, through our highly specialist bereavement counselling work, to help others who have been affected by the death of a child; a parent; a sibling. Thank you so much”